Piecing Me Together

Finished Piecing Me Together by Renee Watson. I received a copy for review. 

Jade has big dreams but she’s not sure how to make them come true. She knows she wants to be an artist (she’s currently into collages) and she knows she needs a scholarship to go to college. But…how to get from here to there? Enter a mentoring program. (Which is sort of helpful and sort of not). 

I loved this book. It’s incredibly complicated (Jade is black and attends a mostly white school. Once she started going there, it’s affected her relationships with her neighborhood friends. And it’s hard to be friends with people at her school because they don’t get it, either. 

Most people don’t consider themselves racist. Racism is for people like Steve Bannon, right? But there are a lot of ways to be racist. Like, for example, assuming Jade is going to shoplift from a store and making her leave a bag when white women all over the same store are still toting theirs. 

This novel could start a lot of great conversations. Highly recommended. 


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