The Mothers

Finished The Mothers by Brit Bennett. I received a copy for review. 

This is a really hard book to describe and still do it justice. Luke (a pastor’s son) and Nadia (a really smart girl who is grieving and uses sex as an escape) accidentally get pregnant. Nadia has goals for her life and motherhood is not one of them. She decides to get an abortion and that decision reverberates for years. 

My favorite thing about this is the fact that the narrators are the older women from the church and that is just as fabulous as you’d expect. 

My second favorite: the abortion is dealt with seriously and it is both absolutely the right decision and a hard one that they still grapple with. (My third favorite: Nadia doesn’t kill herself because of it or hate herself forever.)

This is such a clever book and it’s so hard to imagine it’s a debut. I am so excited to see what her future books will be like and my expectations are high. 



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