Graphic Novel Roundup #1

For the 24 in 48 readathon, I read a bunch of graphic novels (including the Alison Bechdel ones I recently reviewed). I’m a really recent convert to this genre, and I’m glad I had help picking these. :)

I read Marbles by Ellen Forney, Stitches by David Small, Becoming Unbecoming by Una and Ghost World by David Clowes. 

The first three are all nonfiction. I think so far this aspect (nonfiction graphic novels) are working for me the best because the illustrations add a lot. (I’m not describing it well, I know, but I have read seven books in 24 hours so my brain is mush.)

Of these four, my favorite is Becoming Unbecoming, which juxtaposes a serial killer who murders prostitutes (The Yorkshire Ripper) with the author’s sexual abuse. If you’re not sure what rape culture is, that’s a great place to start. 

Marbles is about the link between artists and mental illness. Ellen Forney was diagnosed bipolar and she has an incredibly hard time initially because she’s an artist and what if medication ruins that? This graphic novel really worked because I think it’s easier to understane mania if you can see it. 

Stitches is another messed-up childhood story. That sounds dismissive but I don’t mean it to. David Small’s family seems absolutely horrible and abusive but by the end, I found some sympathy for them. (A testament to him, because I didn’t want to at all.)

Ghost World was probably my least favorite but I still enjoyed it. It’s also the most famous (maybe) especially to non-fans because of the movie. 
My next batch is the inverse: three works of fiction and one of nonfiction, in that order. I didn’t plan that. 


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