By Your Side

Finished By Your Side by Kasie West. I received a copy for review. 

Autumn is in the process of having the best weekend of her life. She’s at the library with her friends and then they’re going to hang out at a cabin all weekend. Better yet, her longtime crush Jeff may be reciprocating her feelings! And then she accidentally gets locked in the library over the long weekend (long story involving too much Dr. Pepper and the fact that her friends were in multiple cars). This wouldn’t be awful except for the fact that the weird kid from her grade (Dax is the subject of many rumors, all of them bad) is in there with her. 

OK, first we must acknowledge that probably each of us would love to “accidentally” get left behind in a library or bookstore, right? A Barnes & Noble would be perfect because many of them have Starbucks cafes and that’s books, coffee and food! Perfect. 

Also as this is a Kasie West book, this is a sweet love story–but it’s also deeper than that. Autumn and Dax each have secrets and soon they share things most people don’t know about them. 

I absolutely love this book and it’s my new favorite of hers. Highly recommended. 


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