Silver Stars

Finished Silver Stars by Michael Grant. I received a copy for review. 

This is the sequel to Front Lines, a sort of alternate history of World War II with women fighting on the front lines. We’re still following Rio (small town girl trying to avenge her older sister’s death and who turns out to be an excellent soldier), Frangie (African-American medic) and Rainy (Jewish woman who obviously has an excellent reason to fight). 

This was an incredibly hard book to read. Reading about war isn’t exactly fun (nor should it be) and this felt incredibly accurate. Granted, I don’t have firsthand knowledge but the idea that you’d be doing your job and kind of bored and then all of a sudden you’re under attack feels realistic. I’ve heard that the life of a soldier tends to be either boring or highly stressful and there is very little in between and probably also very little of a segue between the two states. 

I love this series and cannot wait for the next book. Recommended. 


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