Finished Copycat by Kimberla Lawson Roby. I received a copy for review. 

Tracy and Simone are new friends. Tracy is a published author, something Simone is working toward. Tracy offers to help her, giving her the names of potential agents and editors. It’s a great friendship…except Simone is also essentially trying to become Tracy. (Well, Simone doesn’t see it that way; she says they just have similar tastes in clothes. And jewelry. And cars. And furniture.) Tracy’s family is a little worried but it’s not like Simone is DANGEROUS. Right?

This novel is really fun but it’s also incredibly short (under 200 pages). Because of that, it seems like Simone goes from normal-but-clingy to full on Glenn-Close-in-Fatal-Attraction in about five pages. 

This book may not make your best of 2017 list but it’s a decent guilty pleasure. 


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