The Edge of Everything

Finished The Edge of Everything by Jeff Giles. I received a copy for review. 

Zoe lives with her mom and little brother Jonah. It’s a good life but a hard one (her dad died and the family is still healing). But they’re trying to keep it together. Until she and Jonah encounter X. He’s…well, I guess you could call him a sort of bounty hunter from the Lowlands (best described as hell). He’s sent to kill deserving people and bring their souls back with him. He’s not supposed to let people see but Zoe does. 

And since it’s YA, they also fall for each other. (Yes, it’s snarky, what I said. But it’s also a sweet romance. And also really hard because that’s a lot of obstacles to overcome.)

I read a lot but I haven’t found a book like this one. I loved it and I liked it. Recommended. 


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