Perfect Little World

Finished Perfect Little World by Kevin Wilson. I received a copy for review. 

This is a hard book to describe, so bear with me. Izzy is pregnant with her art teacher’s baby. (But it’s not really about that.) Her home life’s not great (but it’s not about that either). As sort of a last ditch effort to take care of herself and her soon-to-be-born son, she decides to join an experiment, the Infinite Family. The idea is simple: ten babies and their families will live together. For the first five years, the babies won’t know who their parents are. They will be raised collectively, each baby loved by each adult; each an only child but with nine siblings. 

It’s such an interesting idea. And it’s challenging but it works (for the most part and for most people). It’s hard for the parents but the kids are thriving. 

This is definitely a character-driven story. The plot isn’t all that compelling but I kept reading because I loved Izzy and I wanted her and her son to be OK. 

This book requires patience but it’s well worth it. 


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