Finished Alterations by Stephanie Scott. I received a copy for review. 

Amelia is into fashion. She designs and repurposes her own clothes and posts on Instagram and Pinterest. She wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up and even gets an internship in New York at the prestigious New York Fashion Institute. Except. Her whole life, she’s had a crush on Ethan, the boy next door (complicated by the fact that her family works for his). 

This is very Sabrina (which the synopsis even notes) but there’s also some While You Were Sleeping in it. It’s also an absolutely delightful novel in its own right. 

Yes, the love story is charming but it’s not the point. The better part is watching Amelia really come into her own. She’s not the shy kid next door. She stops apologizing for her interests, and she really grows up. I love Amelia, and I bet you will, too. (And I like that we get to know the family next door–not just the brothers. This part is more like While You Were Sleeping–the whole family matters.)



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