Interviewing Martha Brockenbrough

Martha Brockenbrough was kind enough to stop by and discuss her new picture book, Bigfoot Goes Back to School!

1) What is the Twitter pitch?
YOU try to find back-to-school shoes if your Bigfoot. And don’t even get me started on getting a haircut. Or school pictures. NOPE. 

2) What is your favorite kind of book to write?
My favorite kind of book to write is the one that takes me by surprise in some way. It’s one of the funny things about being a writer. No matter how much you think about what you’re doing, no matter how much you plan, there is something about letting yourself slip into the hearts and minds of characters on the page. You find out things you did not know were true. And I guess this goes for fiction and nonfiction, both of which I enjoy writing. I love that. I love making myself cry and laugh, and writing is probably really the only way you can do that without being a complete weirdo. 
3) What was the inspiration for this?
I wrote this book with my dear friend Sam, and it started out as many of our conversations start out: as a joke. We like to play a verbal sort of pingpong, bouncing things back and forth, and this one struck us as being funny. Sam, who is much savvier about such things than I am, thought we should do it as a book. I was game! The next step was to take something that was a joke and layer it with the emotional business of going back to school when you really don’t want to. This did not require me to dig deep. I never wanted to go back to school, and I used to turn queasy every September without knowing why, and it wasn’t until I didn’t have to go back to school any more that I realized it was because of the annual shock to my delicate and sensitive system. Every since I realized that, September has become my favorite month, simply because I don’t have to go back to school. 


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