Field Trip!

This morning, I went back to my elementary school and talked to one of my favorite teachers’ classes. Another favorite set it up and getting to see Mrs. Ennis and Mrs. Pappas made this the best day ever (even before getting to talk about books and blogging and BEA for an hour)!
 I know that we hear all these stories about how no one reads anymore, but it was a class full of actively literate people. As you know, I love talking about books and the authors I love. And I could tell they felt the same way–they told me their favorite books and authors, and showed me what they were reading now and they were all SO EXCITED about all of it. 
And guys, I am SO BEHIND on my reading. I have to read Rick Riordan and the Charlie Bone series and like 50,000 others that I’ve scrawled on a piece of paper. I don’t know when I’ll get to it (I’m going to stay on top of review books in 2017, I swear!) but I’ll get to everything eventually. (Shut up, YES I WILL.)
Book people are the best people and I’m really happy to report that the next generation of book people are doing just fine. 


2 thoughts on “Field Trip!

  1. Thank you Kelly! It was wonderful to see you today. The students were so excited to meet you and yes, they do love to read. I can’t wait to see their blogs.

    1. I notice I was not invited to speak to any science/math classes. ;)

      I had an amazing time and I can’t wait to read the blogs, either! I’m subscribing, for sure. :)

      Thanks again!

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