Confessions of a Cybils Judge

I have been trying for years to be a Cybils judge and this year, I was finally picked!
Here are some things I wasn’t aware of before…
1) I don’t know how people with jobs do this. Seriously. We had 141 nominated and eligible books and I had read something like 42 of them before the nomination period began. Still, that’s basically 100 books to read in a three-month span. (As of when I’m writing this, I have 35 to go, most of which will have to come from the publishers; all hail my local library for having most of them!)
2) It’s HARD. While there are books that you know won’t be contenders, my current shortlist is something like 20 books. I have to whittle it down to SEVEN AT MOST. How? It’s like Sophie’s choice! And at the same time, I am so grateful because I have read some amazing books that weren’t even on my radar and gotten to see Cybils-love for some of my favorites. It does my Grinch-y heart some good. 
3) It’s awesome. But I expected that. I’m kind of hoping to do this again next year (but hopefully I’ll have a job by then).


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