Happy Halloween!

As you know, this is my favorite day. And since we’re all entitled to one good scare, here are some of my favorite scary movies. 


1) Halloween

2) Jaws

3) Alien

4) The Omen

5) Carrie


1) Nightmare on Elm Street

2) Child’s Play

3) Poltergeist

4) Halloween III: The Season of the Witch

5) Friday the 13th


1) Candyman

2) The Blair Witch Project

3) Scream

4) The Silence of the Lambs

5) I Know What You Did Last Summer

Recent ones:

1) The Purge

2) The Strangers

3) The Conjuring

4) Sinister

5) Hush (Netflix one)


1) The Conjuring 2

2) Scream 2

3) Friday the 13th 4

4) Child’s Play 2

5) Nightmare on Elm Street 3


1) Texas Chainsaw Massacre

2) Friday the 13th

3) The Amityville Horror

4) Dawn of the Dead

5) The Evil Dead


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