Holding up the Universe

Finished Holding up the Universe by Jennifer Niven. I received a copy for review. This originally was posted in August. 

This is the story of Libby and Jack. Libby is still overweight but she used to be so fat, she couldn’t leave the house. And Jack suffers from face-blindness, although no one knows because he’s so good at faking it. They are the last two people you’d expect to fall for each other, and yet…

This book garnered a lot of controversy (see: Libby was so fat, she couldn’t leave the house) but after reading All the Bright Places, I knew I wanted to read this. And I trusted Jennifer Niven to handle the topic sensitively. 
My trust was more than well-placed. This book is hardcore amazing, the kind of book that left me smiling for most of it and sniffling for some of it and desperate for a new Jennifer Niven book after I finished it. 
Libby is my new favorite. She’s so clever and confident and just wonderful. She’s not perfect but she’s super close to it. 
You need to read this book. Highly recommended. 


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