Finished Bounce by Megan Shull. I received a copy for review. 

Frannie’s life is kind of awful. She’s 12 and already plagued by anxiety. She hates to be alone and her parents are going away for Christmas—without her. Instead, she’ll be with her older siblings, Teddy and Carmen. Teddy ignores her and Carmen’s generally rude to her. (Her parents are jerks, too.) When Frannie prays for help, she wakes up as different people. Most of those families are much better than hers. 

I feel like a jerk for saying this but I get why her family is a little mean to Frannie (not to the extent they are but I can sympathize with their annoyance). She’s 12 but acts like she’s much younger. 

The way she grows up after each family and those circumstances is amazing, though. By the end, I liked her so much more and honestly, I was sad when she got back home again. Her family is awful! 

This is a very sweet middlegrade and I think people will really enjoy Frannie’s adventures. 


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