The Female of the Species

Finished The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis. I received a copy for review. 

This book is amazing and important and so needed. There are multiple main characters but primarily it’s the story of Alex. Her sister was raped and murdered; now Alex is an avenging angel of sorts. She identifies those who harm others–rapists and molesters–and takes care of them. I probably should feel horrified; I don’t. 

This book also deals with rape culture and the idea that you can believe these lies–that what women drink and wear can, or should, determine what happens to them; that men can be fundamentally decent and just let off steam from time to time. 

One in five women have been raped; one in ten rape victims are male. Most of them knew their attackers. Most won’t bring charges; most of the time, those charged won’t face prison time. So many “mosts” and they’re all horrible. 

This book is so important. It’s wrenching and brutal. It’s not hopeless but it is honest. Highly, higly recommended. 


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