The Women in the Walls

Finished The Women in the Walls by Amy Lukavics. I received a copy for review. 

Lucy lives in a gorgeous Victorian mansion with her dad, aunt and cousin. Her mom died when she was little but beyond that, her life is pretty idyllic. OK, yes, her dad is a jerk and obsessed with family image but still—good life. And then her aunt disappears and her cousin goes crazy. And THEN Lucy starts to hear what Margaret (the cousin) told her about…

This book is messed up. I loved it but Amy Lukavics is not safe*. I enjoy reading YA horror and she is definitely the queen of it. There are a lot of authors I like but hers are easily the scariest. (Most are more creepy or unsettling than anything.)

Highly recommended but go in knowing that this book does not play fair and that there are things that you won’t be able to get out of your head. 

* = There’s a story about Scream where Wes Craven deliberately had a major star die in the first scene because then audiences would be off-balance and not feel safe. I DID NOT FEEL SAFE READING THIS. 


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