As I Descended

Finished As I Descended by Robin Talley. I received a copy for review. 

For what feels like years, I have been campaigning for a YA Macbeth and now there finally is one. Even better, it’s gay YA Macbeth. And best of all, Robin Talley—one of my favorite authors—was the one to write it. 

We all know what Macbeth is about so let’s just start discussing the book. Robin Talley slowly ratchets up the tension so that by the end, I was just as freaked out as Maria and Lily were. I absolutely understood how they were losing their grip on reality, because I felt like I was too. 

Between that and Brandon and Mateo trying to figure out what really happened to Delilah, it felt very claustrophobic in a way–problems were closing in on Maria and Lily from all sides and the potential ways for the story to end well kept closing off one by one. 

This is an absolute triumph of a novel. Highly recommended. 


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