Finished Afterward by Jennifer Mathieu. I received a copy for review. 

Four years ago, Ethan was kidnapped. Several days ago, the man who took Ethan also kidnapped Dylan, an autistic boy. The two were rescued but both are having trouble getting back to normal. Dylan’s sister Caroline thinks it might be better if she could talk to Ethan about what Dylan went through. And so the two become friends, sort of. 

I loved Jennifer Mathieu’s second novel, Devoted, and this is even better. It’s a kidnapping novel that focuses much more on the aftermath, which I think is relatively rarely explored. 

Also, while her books tend to be dark, there’s also a major undercurrent of hope. You know that the characters will end up ok, even if they’re not there now. 

I haven’t read her first book yet but I am desperate to. 

Highly recommended. 


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