The Other Boy

Finished The Other Boy by M.G. Hennessey. I received a copy for review. 

Shane is 12 and he’s your average boy–he plays baseball, is drawing a comic and has his first crush. Except he’s also got a secret: while he identifies as a boy, he’s biologically female. Fortunately, he’s got good parents and a good therapist; he’s on hormone blockers and this year, he can start taking testosterone. But he’s also not out (at 12, I don’t blame him!)…so when someone finds out, you can imagine how horrible his life becomes. 

I love this book. It’s sensitively handled and I think it’ll help middlegrade readers understand the issue. And also, Shane is awesome. I cheered and cried and sometimes did both. (Also, again, I’m so happy he got good parents. He’s also got good friends. Those two things make all the difference.) This is a lovely and much needed book. 

Highly recommended. 


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