Cradle and All

Finished Cradle and All by James Patterson. I received a copy for review. 

This was published years ago (I know I read it in high school or maybe college) but has been updated and repackaged as a YA novel. 

If you missed it the first time, this is about two teens (Kathleen and Colleen; the former is American and the latter is Irish). Both are pregnant. Both are virgins. According to prophecy, one is carrying the second coming and the other…well, you’ve seen Rosemary’s Baby. The problem is, no one knows which baby is which. That’s where Anne comes in. It’s her job (with a couple priests) to figure out who’s carrying the Beast and what to do about that. (Hint: it does not bode well for that baby.)

Like all of James Patterson’s books, this one is a pageturner. I didn’t remember which baby was the devil so that was helpful. It’s not really the kind of book that sticks with you but it’s a lot of fun. It would’ve been a great beach read but it’s out in plenty of time for Halloween, and that’s even better. 


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