The Littlest Bigfoot

Finished The Littlest Bigfoot by Jennifer Weiner. I received a copy for review. 
This charming novel is Jennifer Weiner’s middlegrade debut; it tells the story of three kids who don’t fit in. 

Alice has gone to seven different schools in as many years. The other kids shun her; she’s a lot bigger than most her age. Meanwhile, Millie is the smallest in her tribe. She’s a Yare (what we call Bigfoot) and she’s fascinated with No-Furs (or humans) and their culture. There’s also Jeremy, who is obsessed with Bigfoots (and who is the only non-exceptional member of his family). 

This book is absolutely adorable. I think everyone will love all three of these kids–but probably especially Millie, who is a complete sweetheart. And I think everyone will identify with at least one character. 

There’s also a chance for a sequel (please please please). 



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