Going Geek

Finished Going Geek by Charlotte Huang. I received a copy for review. 
It’s Skylar’s senior year at her exclusive boarding school but things are not going as planned. Her family is having financial problems and when her friends and boyfriend learned that she spent her summer working, they disappear. And she’s now stuck in the loser dorm. 

It’s not a spoiler to say that the girls at Skylar’s new dorm are actually pretty awesome, right? You know how stories like this go. But the way that Skylar manages to turn everything around and have a great senior year anyway is an absolute blast. 

I love everything about this book and definitely am excited to read Charlotte Huang’s debut novel (For the Record). I knew I was going to enjoy reading this (I have a weird fondness for boarding school stories) but I had no idea I’d adore it this much or find a new favorite author. 


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