The Replacement Crush

Finished The Replacement Crush by Lisa Brown Roberts. I received a copy for review. 
This was another impulse ALA grab, one I snagged because it’s about a book blogger. (Good job, me!)

Vivian blogs about romance novels and works in her mom’s bookstore in a small beach town. Perfect life, right?

Until a guy breaks her heart. And then she decides she just wants to have some fun. So she sets out to find a replacement crush: a guy who’s cute but not too cute, someone she can have fun with (but not too much fun). 

Except then she meets Dallas. *swoon*

I am so in love with this book. It was the perfect read–sweet and fun and adorable. Obviously I love Viv (Team Book Bloggers!) but everyone in this book is just fantastic. (Except for the guy who hurt Viv; that guy needs to die.)

And now I need to acquire everything Lisa Brown Roberts has ever written, ever. Highly recommended. 


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