The Possibility of Somewhere

Finished The Possibility of Somewhere by Julia Day. I received a copy for review. 

Eden has a plan: get the ultra-coveted Peyton scholarship and get out of her small town and become a special education teacher, ideally focusing on autistic kids. Her main competition? Ash: super cute, super smart, super rich and can go anywhere he wants without a scholarship. (Eden needs that money.)

They’ve been enemies for ages but now there are some sparks, too…

This is sort of Pride and Prejudice-y with a dash of Much Ado About Nothing. (Amazing combination, btw!)

I love that the story also explored the fact that there are race (Eden is white; Ash is Indian) and class (Eden’s family is poor; Ash’s is really, REALLY well off) differences. Her dad, especially, focuses on the racial differences* and his family is hung up on the latter. 

Check this out if you want a sweet love story with a lot of depth. 

* = her dad is a pig. I did not like that guy. 


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