We Are Unprepared

Finished We Are Unprepared by Meg Little Reilly. I received a copy for review. 

As you know, storms are getting worse and worse; experts say this will continue. In the novel We Are Unprepared, a monster superstorm is predicted. 

In a small Vermont town, people react by joining one of three groups: religious, civic-minded or the preppers. Ash, our narrator, joins the civic-minded group and tries to help the town plan; his wife, Pia, becomes a prepper. 
This is a book I should’ve loved. I am incredibly fond of disaster stories and we’ve seen how plausible this is. Also, it’s interesting the way the town splintered into separate factions. I enjoyed those two aspects. 
I have two problems with the book. The first is that the storm, when it came, was barely part of the novel at all. What was the point of having it happen at all?
The second was the bigger problem. Ash is our narrator; he’s a jerk who views everyone else with kind of a thinly-veiled contempt. He may not even be aware of it but he dislikes or at least seems to look down on almost everyone else. As the story is told from his perspective, that means I was annoyed with pretty much everyone, too (though that could definitely be my own failing). 


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