Game On

Finished Game On by Michelle Smith. I received a copy for review.

I hate sports but for some reason, I love sports movies. I learned recently that that also extends to sports books and Michelle Smith’s duology about a baseball team in Lewis Creek is just delightful. 
Bri and Eric have been next door neighbors forever. They were each other’s first kiss (at 10) and now they don’t really talk. She’s dating a jerk and he’s a player. But of course things are about to change. 
Baseball and the small town they live in are almost characters in this novel (baseball in a good way; the town not so much). I love the way Michelle Smith paints this vivid picture and makes me wish I were in the stands with a box of Cracker Jacks and a soda the size of my face. (No small feat because sports and I are not friends.)
And oh the love story. I had the goofiest grin for most of Game On. 
I hope there are more stories set in Lewis Creek. (Maybe a soccer spinoff with Becca? Please?)


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