Into White

Finished Into White by Randi Pink. I received a copy for review. 

Toya’s life is certainly not what she thought it would be. She’s a black teen at a southern school and she doesn’t fit in anywhere. (Except for with her older brother and best friend, Alex.) Finally, in desperation, she prays to be white. 

And then she IS. 
This is going to be an incredibly polarizing novel. There are a lot of problematic aspects (obviously first the praying to be white; second, there’s the fact that basically every white person in this novel is a jerk at best and a racist jerk at worst. There is one exception.)
But there’s a lot of good here, too. This is a novel about the journey to self-acceptance and who among us–especially teenage girls of any color–start there?
And I love Toya. (Well, when she’s Toya. Katarina is not a good person.) You will probably hear a lot of opinions about this. Read and judge for yourself. 


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