PS I Like You

Finished PS I Like You by Kasie West. 

Kasie West’s books are like little vacations for me. I may not know what to expect but I know that I will love them.

PS I Like You is no exception. It’s very similar to You’ve Got Mail, in that it’s about two people who hate each other and accidentally start writing two each other anonymously and learn that–surprise!–they don’t hate each other at all. 

Lily is amazing. She’s the second of four kids and her main passion is music. She plays the guitar and writes songs (or tries to). Her nemesis, Cade, picks on her all the time but she’s mostly good at ignoring him. (OK, that’s a lie. But she tries, and points for effort.)
This book is adorable, perfection and my new favorite of Kasie West’s. Recommended. 


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