All We Have Left

Finished All We Have Left by Wendy Mills. I received a copy for review. 

There are several 9/11 themed YA and MG novels coming out soon, which makes sense considering that we’re approaching the 15th anniversary. The two YA novels (this and The Memory of Things by Gae Polisner) deal with the day and immediate aftermath but neither are gratuitous. 

All We Have Left is about two teen girls in two different times. On September 11, Alia goes to the World Trade Center to convince her father that she needs to go to a special camp for artists. When the plane hits, she is trapped inside. In present day, Jesse is struggling with anger (at basically everyone but mostly Muslims and her family) because her brother died on 9/11 and ever since then, her family has spiraled out of control. Her mom can’t stop moving; her dad can’t stop getting angry. 
The chapters alternate between the two. I loved both girls but preferred Alia’s chapters (I had so much anxiety over whether she’d get out). 
These books are so important. We say we’ll never forget but soon it’ll be like Pearl Harbor and very few will still have the visceral reaction to the day that we do. These will help with that. I imagine it’ll be nearly impossible to read this and not feel Alia’s panic. 


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