By the Numbers

Finished By the Numbers by Jen Lancaster. I received a copy from the publisher for review. 

Penny’s life is currently stressful but is about to improve. Yes, her middle child is about to get married (and Kelsey is a handful and a half) and yes, that means her parents and her ex-husband (with his new, younger girlfriend) are in town. And yes, so are her other two children (Topher is awesome; her other daughter, Jessica, is basically the most acerbic creature ever). But once the wedding is over, the house is going on the market and life will be perfect. 

Except before it can sell, they all descend back on the house. And none of them show signs of leaving. 
I love Jen Lancaster’s novels (I still need to read her memoirs) and this was just delightful. It’s incredibly clever and laugh-out-loud funny. Penny is awesome and I kept wanting to swoop in and rescue her but you can’t save people from their families. 


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