Finished Nerve by Jeanne Ryan. 

Vee is participating in NERVE, this incredibly popular reality show/dare-based game. Basically, you complete increasingly difficult dares and win increasingly awesome prizes. For example, ask ten people at an abstinence only event for a condom; win expensive shoes from your wish list. They range from embarrassing but funny to truly horrible (point a gun at someone; tell someone’s parents they were in a serious accident). 

It was an incredibly fast and entertaining read but I was never fully invested in the story. I liked Vee enough that I didn’t want her harmed but not so much that I was upset when she was upset. 
I know this is a common complaint of mine, but I think if the book had been longer, I would have had a better handle on her motivations. 
Meanwhile, I recommend the similarly-themed Need by Joelle Charbonneau. 


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