Product Review: Zzzquil

I was lucky enough to receive a Zzzquil VoxBox from Influenster in exchange for an honest review (thank you, Zzzquil & Influenster!). 

My box contained a sample of Zzzquil (two pills) and a coupon for $2 off if I buy more. 
It came at an ideal time because my dog has been sick so sleep has been in short supply. He’s better now and what better way to reset my internal alarm clock? 

Before this, I’d been going to bed early and waking up throughout the night to check on Sam, then waking up too early and then going to bed early. 

With Zzzquil, I went to bed at 11, slept through the night and woke up at 8:30. I wasn’t at all groggy (which can happen with sleeping pills) and feel better than I have in ages. 

I am definitely making use of that coupon!

Thanks again to Zzzquil and Influenster! I needed that. 


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