Ms. Bixby’s Last Day

Finished Ms. Bixby’s Last Day by John David Anderson. I received a copy from the publisher for review.

Summary (from Goodreads):

Everyone knows there are different kinds of teachers. The good ones. The not-so-good ones. The boring ones, the mean ones, the ones who try too hard. The ones you’ll never remember, and the ones you want to forget. But Ms. Bixby is none of these. She’s the sort of teacher who makes you feel like the indignity of school is worthwhile. Who makes the idea of growing up less terrifying. Who you never want to disappoint. What Ms. Bixby is, is one of a kind.

Topher, Brand, and Steve know this better than anyone. And so when Ms. Bixby unexpectedly announces that she is very sick and won’t be able to finish the school year, they come up with a plan. Through the three very different stories they tell, we begin to understand just what Ms. Bixby means to Topher, Brand, and Steve—and what they are willing to go to such great lengths to tell her.

John David Anderson, the acclaimed author of Sidekicked, returns with a story of three kids, a very special teacher, and one day that none of them will ever forget.”

This book should come with a warning label: This book will make you cry and want to call your own Ms. Bixby.  (At least, I hope we all had a Ms. Bixby, the teacher who makes you believe in yourself and who makes the class they teach a high point of your day.)

I loved this book, which is a love letter to teachers (but only the good ones).  And I love Topher, Brand and Steve and I love Ms. Bixby.

Everything about this book is absolute perfection and I don’t want to ruin any of its surprises for you.

Read it, cry a little and call your Ms. Bixby. She wants to hear from you.

Highly recommended.



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