Why I picked Saw: I’m a huge James Wan fan and I haven’t seen this in ages.  (He directed the original Saw, which is gross but is not anywhere near as gross as the latest ones got.)

Seen before? Yes

Would I watch again? Yes, but I think this is one of the movies that I can only take every few years or so.

This movie is incredibly claustrophobic.  (I actually saw on IMDB that James Wan deliberately set it up that way—there are no scenes outside.  Every scene is in a room, and there are no exterior shots.  We go from room to room to room.)

This is a horror movie, but it’s not really a slasher.  It’s more of a “What would you do if it meant that you would stay alive? Would you hurt someone? How much would you hurt yourself?”

It’s really unsettling and just…creepy.  And gross.


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