The Boy

Why I picked The Boy: I was in the mood for a horror movie.

Seen before? No

Would I watch again? Probably.

I love scary movies, as you know, and ones centering around dolls and/or creepy children are some of my favorites so watching The Boy was an obvious choice.

In case you missed it, it’s about a woman who accepts a nannying position for a couple in England.  It’s a nice house, but it’s seriously in the middle of nowhere.  She arrives and learns that her charge is actually a doll that the family treats as if it’s alive.  Soooo parents are off on vacation and the nanny wastes no time in disregarding all the rules they’d left for her to follow…and, of course, the doll lets her know that no, actually that is NOT the way things work.

It’s not exactly a great movie (and I was not a fan of the ending) but it’s incredibly fun and there are a few genuinely good scares.



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