Saving Abby

Finished Saving Abby by Steena Holmes.  I received a copy from the publisher for review.

Summary (from Goodreads):

All children’s book illustrator Claire Turner ever wanted was to be a mother. After six years of trying to conceive, she and her husband, Josh, have finally accepted that she will never be pregnant with a child of their own.

Yet once they give up hope, the couple gets the miracle they’ve been waiting for. For the first few months of her pregnancy, Claire and Josh are living on cloud nine. But when she begins to experience debilitating headaches, blurred vision, and even fainting spells, the soon-to-be mother goes to the doctor and receives a terrifying diagnosis. Since any treatment could put their unborn baby’s life at risk, the Turners must carefully weigh their limited options. And as her symptoms worsen, Claire will have to make an impossible decision: Save her own life, or save her child’s?

USA Today and New York Times bestselling author Steena Holmes brings us an unforgettable story of one woman’s courage and love.”

I love books that give you an impossible scenario and force you to choose which you’d pick.  That’s certainly true with this novel, because you don’t get much worse than having to decide whether you should save your own life or your unborn baby’s.

I completely adore Steena Holmes’ books.  They’re short and easy to read, but at the same time, there is so much character development and plot packed into them.  I can speed through them without feeling like quality has been sacrificed.  (I also love how prolific she is, but that’s because I am greedy and I want to read all her books.)

And best of all, this book doesn’t go the uber-melodramatic route that it would have if it had been written by another author.  This is…dignified, for lack of a better word.




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