Addams Family Values

Why I picked Addams Family Values:  I was in the mood for a dark comedy, plus something I knew I liked but hadn’t seen in a while.  This was the perfect choice.

Have I seen it before?  Yes

Would I recommend? Yes

Okay, so if you haven’t seen it, it’s a sequel and features a bunch of Addams family drama.  There’s a new baby (the unfortunately named Pubert) and Wednesday and Pugsly are not fans.  Uncle Fester is lonely but hey, the new nanny* seems to be totally into him…except she may or may not be a serial killer who gets married and kills her husband on/near their wedding night.  And possibly worst of all, Wednesday and Pugsly get sent to the world’s happiest summer camp**.   It’s a completely ridiculous movie, but it’s incredibly fun.  And super dark.

I want to watch the original now; for some reason, I have seen this movie probably four or five times but the original maybe twice? Time to change that.

* = The absolutely delightful Joan Cusack

** = Camp Chippewa, run by Peter McNichol and Christine Baranski.


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