Happy Star Wars Day!

Happy Star Wars day!  In honor of today (May the 4th be with you!), I decided to watch the original three Star Wars movies.

I was going to watch them in Machete order (episodes IV and V, then II and III, then VI and VII) but decided to skip the prequels because they’re awful and I’m going to spend Star Wars day celebrating Star Wars…which is easier to do when you’re only watching the good movies.

I was initially going to watch the newest one but decided against it (it’ll outshine the original three, I think). 


I haven’t seen these movies in FOREVER and yeah, there’s something about them that just makes me feel like a kid. Except for the new one, this is the one I’ve seen most recently and I watched it on broadcast TV (so edited and with commercials). This is obviously much better. And I had forgotten just how funny it was. And wow, everyone looks so young! (Wasn’t Carrie Fisher just 19?)


I love this installment the most, I think (with the possible exception of Force Awakens) and it was even better than I remembered. It’s much darker than A New Hope (and especially than Return of the Jedi) and that’s probably most of it. This is also the episode where we meet Yoda—and I’m sorry but that guy is the worst. Okay yes, Luke is a whiny idiot but Yoda is so rude/mean. (Also Empire has the best ending ever.)


I have read reviews that this is the worst of the original trilogy, which is probably true. (Which in my case is not really a slam on this so much as it’s an acknowledgment that even when there are three great movies, one has to be the worst…which doesn’t make it bad. This isn’t The Godfather III.) It’d either be this or Episode IV, and this one had Ewoks, so it has to lose. Even so, I really enjoy this movie. It’s much cheerier and kid-friendly than Empire. (Still my favorite.) And how awesome are Leia and Han? (Also, Leia is a complete badass. She is the actual hero of this story.)


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