Marvel Marathon, Day 2

The Backstory:  So I decided I wanted to see Captain America: Civil War 3.  The problem: I’ve only seen the first Avengers (I liked it, but didn’t remember it that well) and was worried that I would be lost as all hell seeing CA3.  The solution: A binge.  I consulted the internet, which said that I would be ok if I just saw Captain America, the first Avengers, the second Captain America and the second Avengers.  (I decided to add the first Iron Man, because Tony Stark.)

This is day two.


Okay, this is my new favorite of the Marvel superhero movies. It’s insanely good and there’s a lot of intrigue. I also really like Black Widow, who we got to know a little better this time around. I wish we had seen more of the other Avengers (especially Tony Stark and Bruce Banner) but sure. I’m getting really excited for CA3. 


I had been warned that this was not as good as the first Avengers and that’s an understatement. Even so, I really enjoyed it, primarily because I love Bruce Banner and Natasha/Black Widow. (Can we get origin movies for them soon, PLEASE?) I cannot wait for the next one and I do plan to watch the Thor and Ant-Man movies soon. 


One thought on “Marvel Marathon, Day 2

  1. Ant Man was much better than I expected and we even let the boys watch it. I can’t remember about Thor – there are two and I know one wasn’t that great – I think the first one and the second was much better (Zachary Levi is in it as an Asguardian!)

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