Marvel Marathon, Day 1

The Backstory:  So I decided I wanted to see Captain America: Civil War 3.  The problem: I’ve only seen the first Avengers (I liked it, but didn’t remember it that well) and was worried that I would be lost as all hell seeing CA3.  The solution: A binge.  I consulted the internet, which said that I would be ok if I just saw Captain America, the first Avengers, the second Captain America and the second Avengers.  (I decided to add the first Iron Man, because Tony Stark and because it’s one of the AFI’s 10 best from 2008.)

This is day one.


I had been warned going in that this wasn’t very good and so my expectations were very low. Like Mamma Mia low. :) And I ended up really enjoying this (due in no small part to one Agent Carter). It’s really fun and while yeah, it’s no Batman, it’s pretty solid. 


This was so much better than Captain America. I think part of it is the fact that Tony Stark is a better, more interesting character…but most of it is the fact that Robert Downey Jr. is a great actor who also makes basically every movie he’s in much more fun. I like my superheroes smart and sarcastic AND good. 


I had seen this one before and it’s just ridiculously fun. I hope they do a Hulk movie with Mark Ruffalo (I know the other two—with Eric Bana and Edward Norton—didn’t do well but I think one with him would. It’s great to see everyone together and I’m excited to watch two more movies tomorrow. 


2 thoughts on “Marvel Marathon, Day 1

  1. Fun! Jim and I watched all the Marvel movies in their timeline order that we found online. It was a lot of fun and I totally agree with you that Mark Ruffalo needs his own Hulk movie – he’s so good! We are so excited about CA3!

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