Kramer vs. Kramer

Why I picked Kramer vs. Kramer: it won best picture and is one of the AFI’s 10 best courtroom movies.

Have I seen it before? Yes.

Would I recommend? Absolutely.

Oh, you guys.  I’d seen this movie a few years ago and I remembered liking it and I remembered crying at the end, but I didn’t realize just how emotionally devastating this book would be.  Part of it is due to the fact that I read Her Again, and there’s so much behind the scenes stuff that makes this even more intense.

It’s about a couple who gets divorced and the kid ends up staying with the dad (Dustin Hoffman) instead of the mom (Meryl Streep), who basically checks out.  It’s complete chaos at first; he has no idea how in the world to be a dad, and Billy is a good kid but he’s only five or six years old.

It doesn’t take too long for him to become a good dad, though…and eighteen months later, Joanna comes back and she wants custody of Billy.

The last few scenes (custody trial through the end of the movie left me absolutely gutted) and this is such an amazing movie.

The interesting thing though is that Dustin Hoffman apparently went full-on Method which would be fine except that he was seemingly determined to make Meryl Streep do it, too.  Her fiance had just died of cancer, and he kept bringing that up to get a more emotional performance from her.  (Even though she was apparently like, STOP THIS NOW.)


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