Why I picked Krampus:  I wanted something funny and, despite the fact that this is not likely to show up on Movie Week, I thought this would fit the bill nicely.

Have I seen it before? No

Would I recommend it? Yes? But only to someone with a really twisted sense of humor.

Easily the best part of this movie is the casting.  It’s solid throughout but it’s helmed by Toni Collette and Adam Scott, two of my favorites.

It’s sort of the anti-holiday movie, but one that shows Christmas as it actually is, with everyone stressed out and kind of snapping at each other.  (I refuse to believe that’s just my family’s Christmas.)

So the family’s youngest kid, Max, throws a little bit of a tantrum and rips up his letter to Santa…and that basically brings Krampus to town.  (Krampus is the dark version of St. Nick and, as the German grandma who knows all about it says, he doesn’t come to give—he comes to take.)

And so yeah, that guy Krampus? Kind of a jerk.

(But it’s still pretty funny.)


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