Finished Dreamology by Lucy Keating.  I received a copy from the publisher for review.

Summary (from Goodreads):

For as long as Alice can remember, she has dreamed of Max. Together they have traveled the world and fallen deliriously, hopelessly in love. Max is the boy of her dreams—and only her dreams. Because he doesn’t exist.

But when Alice walks into class on her first day at a new school, there he is. It turns out, though, that Real Max is nothing like Dream Max, and getting to know each other in reality isn’t as perfect as Alice always hoped.

When their dreams start to bleed dangerously into their waking hours, the pair realize that they might have to put an end to a lifetime of dreaming about each other. But when you fall in love in your dreams, can reality ever be enough?”

I love this book.  I’m not sure how to classify it (magical realism?) but it’s smart and sweet and just a lovely novel.

The disparity between Real Max and Dream Max is jarring and made me feel sad for Alice.  And it’s not even like Real Max is horrible.  He’s pretty awesome.  But Dream Max is basically Cary Grant.  Who can compare to Cary Grant?

Throw in the fact that they could be in actual danger if they keep dreaming of each other, and I was completely hooked.

Disbelief may need to be suspended but it’s worth it.



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