Away We Go

Finished Away We Go by Emil Ostrovsky.  I received a copy from the publisher for review.

Summary (from Goodreads):

Westing is not your typical school. For starters, you have to have one very important quality in order to be admitted—you have to be dying. Every student at Westing has been diagnosed with PPV, or the Peter Pan Virus. No one is expected to live to graduation.

What do you do when you go to a school where no one has a future? Noah Falls, his girlfriend Alice, and his best friend Marty spend their time drinking, making out, and playing video games on But when an older boy named Zach (who Noah may or may not be in love with) invites Noah and Marty to join his secret Polo Club, the lives of both boys change as they struggle to find meaning in their shortened existence.

With an innovative format that includes interstitial documents, such as flyers, postcards, and handwritten notes, Away We Go is a funny, honest look at first love and tragic heartbreak.”

I absolutely loved the premise of this novel, although I was pretty sure it was going to break my heart.  It was occasionally hard to follow (the timeline jumps all over the place, although they do let you know when that happens) and it took me a few chapters to get into it, but these are minor quibbles.

I also love the way that the book also has memos and things interspersed among some chapters.  It made the world feel so much more realistic.  I love whenever things like that happen, because it’s such a fun way to get people into the book.  (At least for me.)

This book will worm its way into your heart and then break it, but you probably won’t even mind.



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