The Leaving Season

Finished The Leaving Season by Cat Jordan.  I received a copy from the publisher for review.

Summary (from Goodreads):

Middie Daniels calls it the Leaving Season: the time of year when everyone graduates high school, packs up their brand-new suitcases, and leaves home for the first time.

This year Middie’s boyfriend Nate is the one leaving. Nate, who’s so perfect that she can barely believe it. Nate, who makes her better than she is on her own. Nate, who’s promised to come back once he’s finished his gap year volunteering in Central America. And when he does, it’ll be time for Middie to leave, too. With him.

But when a tragedy strikes, Middie’s whole world is set spinning. No one seems to understand just how lost she is… except for Nate’s slacker best friend Lee. Middie and Lee have never gotten along. But with the ground ripped out from under her, Middie is finding that up is down—and that Lee Ryan might be just what she needs to find her footing once more.

Cat Jordan’s heartbreaking story proves that no matter the season, no matter the obstacles, love can help you find yourself in the most unexpected of places.”

This is the kind of book that I completely lost myself in.  Once I started, I couldn’t stop reading it.  (Instead of sleeping—my work schedule has changed—instead of watching movies, instead of anything, I was hanging out with this book.  So be aware of that going in; it’s a time suck.)

It’s a grieving book, but it’s not that sad of one.  Even though there are definitely sad parts, and it’s obvious that Middie and Lee both miss Nate, it’s not so devastating to read.  Their grief is more of a regular ache than a sharp pain, if that makes sense.

This would be a really good vacation book.  It’s a wonderful escape without being too taxing.



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