Finished One by Sarah Crossan.  I received a copy from the publisher for review.

Summary (from Goodreads):

Grace and Tippi. Tippi and Grace. Two sisters. Two hearts. Two dreams. Two lives. But one body.

Grace and Tippi are conjoined twins, joined at the waist, defying the odds of survival for sixteen years. They share everything, and they are everything to each other. They would never imagine being apart. For them, that would be the real tragedy.

But something is happening to them. Something they hoped would never happen. And Grace doesn’t want to admit it. Not even to Tippi.

How long can they hide from the truth—how long before they must face the most impossible choice of their lives?”

Oh you guys, this book.

Tippi and Grace are conjoined twins, and so obviously their lives feel completely normal to them.  (Although they don’t go to school and they rarely leave the house because they get stared at.)

And now they have to go to school.  For the first time.  As high school kids.

(Which honestly makes me want to cry for them more than anything else.  Even though I’m sure being a conjoined twin is hard, can you imagine having to go to school for the first time as a teenager? ESPECIALLY as a conjoined twin?)

Anyway.  Sarah Crossan’s main gift here is that she is able to (a) show Tippi and Grace as two totally separate beings while (b) allowing me as a reader to forget the fact that they’re conjoined twins.

And then the twist comes.  And everything hurts.  I can’t say anything else (you don’t want me to anyway) but this book is just completely amazing.



One thought on “One

  1. It hurt a bit when I read your commentary on the twins going to school for the first time. Thank you for writing about this, Kelly. I am definitely going to pick this one up. :)

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