The Pages Between Us

Finished The Pages Between Us by Lindsey Leavitt and Robin Mellom. I received a copy from the publisher for review.

Summary (from Goodreads):

Two best friends separated by conflicting middle-school class schedules vow to keep their closeness alive through the pages of a notebook, and its pages become a lifeline, with the power either to bring them together or tear them apart.

This book is absolutely adorable and also does a really great job of showing exactly how easy it is for friends—even best ones—to start drifting apart.

Piper and Olivia have been best friends for years and they each definitely rely on the other to get through their days.  This is made complicated when one year, they only have one class together.  But they have a brilliant idea: they can write notes to each other in a notebook and that will keep them as close as they’ve always been.

And for a long time it works.  Until they have another idea: start joining clubs.  And it starts out being really good until all of a sudden, they start being interested in different things.  And what odes it mean for their friendship when they have a chance to spend time together but they start opting to do different things instead?

I know it seems like a really minor thing, right? Except you remember how important everything feels in middle school—everything seems like an actual life or death situation.

This would be really good for middle school kids, especially kids in sixth grade (that’s when middle school starts now, right?) to kind of reassure them that life is hard for everyone.


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