Finished Brambleheart by Henry Cole.  I received a copy from the publisher for review.

Summary (from Goodreads):

Brambleheart is beloved illustrator and author Henry Cole’s charming animal fantasy about a young chipmunk who stumbles upon a magical secret that helps him discover the meaning of friendship.

Twig has always wondered who he will become. In the Hill, everyone studies a craft and becomes a master’s Apprentice, but first you have to be good at something.

Twig tries very hard in all his classes, but his imagination wanders to his favorite books or the delicious mayapples growing beyond the scavenge yard…and then he loses his focus.

Unsure he’ll ever amount to anything, Twig sets out on a journey to discover himself. However, instead of finding answers, he stumbles upon a strangely colored globe that contains a curious secret.

Protecting his secret is all Twig wants to do. But when he learns that his secret might hurt others, he’s forced to make a choice between his place in the world and the feelings in his heart.”

I definitely have plans to buy this for my godson for his birthday in August.  This book is absolutely adorable and is one of my favorite middlegrade novels ever.

I really like Twig and definitely understand the struggle between wanting to be left alone with your books and wanting to be a successful person. ;)  I have so much to say but all of it centers around the “curious secret” and reactions to/helpers with said “curious secret,” so basically just buy and read this book.

This book left me with a giant smile on my face and I definitely want to read more from Henry Cole.

Highly recommended.


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