The Killing Forest

Finished The Killing Forest by Sara Blaedel.  I received a copy from the publisher for review.

Summary (from Goodreads):

Following an extended leave, Louise Rick returns to work at the Special Search Agency, an elite unit of the National Police Department. She’s assigned a case involving a fifteen-year-old who vanished a week earlier. When Louise realizes that the missing teenager is the son of a butcher from Hvalsoe, she seizes the opportunity to combine the search for the teen with her personal investigation of her boyfriend’s long-ago death . . . Louise’s investigation takes her on a journey back through time. She reconnects with figures from her past, including Kim, the principal investigator at the Holbaek Police Department, her former in-laws, fanatic ancient religion believers, and her longtime close friend, journalist Camilla Lind. As she moves through the small town’s cramped network of deadly connections, Louise unearths toxic truths left unspoken and dangerous secrets.”

If you’ve heard me talk about books, you’ve probably heard me mention Sara Blaedel.  Her books are so fun and so compelling and so…okay, yes, creepy.  (If you’re a fan of mysteries or suspense and you haven’t read her, you need to check her out.)

The Killing Forest is my new favorite of hers.  It’s got some of my favorite things: people in peril (a teenage boy, for the most part, but it spreads) and local mythology and weird religion.  Even one of those things is fantastic but all of them? Yes, please!

And best of all, we’ve got Louise Rick, one of my favorite fictional characters (and her best friend Camilla who, of course, is another of my favorites).

Most of her books have been translated now (except for the first two, which I am desperate to read—come on, Hachette, translate those too, please!) so I have to wait now as her books are written and released.  I hope the next one is out soon.  I already miss Louise.

Highly recommended.


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